Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure you have many questions when it comes to the care of your child.  Here are a few that we get asked often.  Of course you can contact us with any other questions you may have.

  1. What if my child does not adjust to the program?  We know it can be difficult for children to acclimate to a new environment, especially if this is their first experience being away from their parent.  We know it tugs at your heart strings when your child cries, but once you take them home because of that, it will be extremely difficult for them to adjust.  We ask that you be consistent in dropping off and picking up your child.  The best way though for a child to adust is to be consistent.  Some children just are not ready to be in a program.  If a few weeks goes by and your child is not happy, we will certainly discuss your options.
  2. Does my child have to be potty trained?  If your child is registered in our toddler programs, we do not expect them to be potty trained.  If they are registered in our preschool program (3 – 4 yr. olds), some may start the program not trained.  We will work with you on potty training.  Start at home when you feel your child is ready.  Once they are doing it at home, we will work with them at school.  We always recommend to parents NOT TO USE PULL UPS.  Pull ups are really just a diaper and children do not feel when they wet in them.
  3. What if my child has food allergies?  We do not supply food for this very reason.  There are many food allergies and we find parents sending in their child’s food is the safest option.  We have microwaves to heat things up and refrigerators in each classroom to keep things cold.  We are also a nut-free and peanut free school.
  4. Can I increase my child’s days after they start?  As long as there is space in the class, you can increase your child’s days and times.
  5. How does tuition work?  Tuition is based on how many days we are open from September through June.  We follow the Merrick Public School calendar for the most part so the days we are closed are taken into account when configuring the yearly tuition.  We then divide that amount into 10 payments so that you pay the same amount each month regardless of how many days there in the month.  Essentially you are paying off the year.
  6. Do you provide daycare when you are closed?  We do provide daycare for the week-long recesses.  We do not provide daycare for the one or two day holidays that we are closed.
  7. Are the children in mixed age groups?  No.  Children are grouped in classes based on when they will be entering kindergarten.  The public school cut-off for kindergarten is December 1st meaning that children have to be turning five before Dec. 1st or six after Dec. 1st.  Therefore, children in our preschool classes are either turning three before Dec. 1st or four after Dec. 1st.  Children in our pre-k classes are either turning four before Dec. 1st or five after Dec. 1st.  We divide our toddler classes into 18 months – two years of age and two years – three years of age.
  8. Do the children move from one class to another during the school year?  No.  We run the program as a school type program so children stay in their class from September – June.  The only time we may move a child is if we feel that the class they are in is not suitable for them, whether they need to be challenged more or are being challenged too much.  In either case we would speak with the parents before making any changes.
  9. Are the teachers certified? Our teachers are either certified, have their Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education or their CDA (Child Development Accreditation).
  10. How many children are in a class?  There are state regulated ratios depending on the age group.  For toddlers the ratio is 5:1 with a maximum class size of 12 children.  For preschool the ratio is 7:1 with a maximum class size of 14 children and for pre-k the ratio is 8:1 with the maximum class size of 16 children.