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Parent Testimonials

Lauren, 3 years old and Olivia, 6 years old
My daughter Olivia loved going to Merokee for the past three years , She got a good head start to her education with learning so many things that would be useful in her future. She still talks about and remembers all the wonderful teachers and friends that she made there. Now, Olivia is now in kindergaten and doing very well. Lauren, my youngest daughter is also really enjoying this new experience and she's very happy to see her friends everyday!  Thank you for making Olivia's first school one to remember and Lauren will follow in her big sisters foot steps!

Noah, 3 years old
Merokee Day School is the best decision we have every made for our son Noah. Since he has started we have seen such growth mentally and socially. The teachers are dedicated and love our son as if he were their own. The staff is friendly, supportive and takes interest with every student that walks through their doors. As educators, my husband and I are confident that our son is getting the best education, care and love when we leave him each day. These people have become a second family to our boy and we cannot wait until our newest addition to Merokee once she is old enough. We recommend Merokee to all our friends and family and we joke how we wish Noah could stay there until college. -Forever grateful, Noah's Family

Ava, 2 years old
There are so many things a parent looks for a in a program for his/her toddler, and thankfully, this program offers it all. First, the certified teachers and the aides are loving, nurturing, consistent and wonderful. They take such wonderful care of my daughter. So much so, that she loves going to school and doesn't want to leave when I pick her up. Ava is thriving in a scheduled environment that provides many activities to help her developmentally, emotionally and physically. She adores the playground, her friends and her arts & crafts. In the two months she has been in the program, her vocabulary has exploded. The extended a.m. and p.m. hours are very convenient. My husband, Ava, and I love this program. I can't say enough wonderful things. Thank you for all you do!

Lance, 4 years old
Merokee Day School was an excellent choice for our son.  They have all worked with us to ensure he was getting exactly what he needed.  He has really blossomed at Merokee and he loves it there.  Everyone is very flexible and accommodating.  They make great recommendations to help our son advance and keep challenging him.  The teachers make learning fun for him.  Thank you.

Nicholas, 5 years old
As the school year comes to a close, I can't believe how much my son has learned and loved being at Merokee. The teachers and staff are dedicated. He has learned how to read, tell time and how to count money in his Kindergarten class. Not only that but he loves playing out in the playground and being a big boy while riding the bus with Mr. Mac.

Bryce, 3 years old
Merokee played such a key role in the early development of our first child that we did not hesitate to enroll our second child when he was only 18 months old. What separates Merokee from other preschools is the fact that they start to lay the educational foundation at an early age. The school is intimate and nurturing which is what we were looking for. The result of this has been that the development of our children's social skills, discipline to a structured environment and their learning far exceeded our expectations.

We also found a great sense of security and peace of mind knowing that the teachers were extremely experienced and had been at Merokee for a long time. Our kids moved up to the next class seamlessly because they saw and interacted with all the teachers. We saw the big payoff when our daughter left Merokee after her pre-k year and entered kindergarten. She left not with sadness, but with great anticipation of a new challenge. It became evident to us that she had matured and was ready for kindergarten based on the discipline, knowledge and structure that she acquired during her 2½ years at Merokee. She continues to excel based on the strong foundation that Merokee provided. Thanks Merokee!

Jada, 4 years old
My daughter started attending Merokee Day School at 3 years old. The teachers she's had throughout have been exceptional. My daughter comes home happy. She feels loved by all the staff including the bus drivers. Each day my daughter looks forward to going to school. She's learning, making friends and enjoying school.

Jocelyn, 5 years old
I think Merokee has provided a great early childhood education for both of my children. My son who is now 11 years old still remembers the fun he had at Merokee and Jocelyn, who is a very high energy little 5 year old, loves everything about her nursery school.

Sebastian, 2 years old
My son Sebastian transitioned quite well from being a baby to a bouncy, intelligent toddler. Merokee has provided thus far the essential tools for Sebastian's success. The school's mission, quality of care, curriculum and staff are outstanding!



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