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Kindergarten and Enrichment Program
Computer Program

As parents, we often worry whether or not our child will know their ABC's and 123's and are ready to enter the public school sector. We sometimes forget that there are other skills children need to acquire. Children need to learn social skills, problem solving skills, and life skills to be not only successful students, but successful individuals as well. Our programs focus on the child's learning as a whole, not just their cognitive skills.

Our staff is continually taking into account the interests of the children and elaborates on these interests to incorporate cognitive learning. Whether it is talking about community helpers, the weather, the seasons, the holidays, a child's favorite story, or taking a nature walk, staff take advantage of these opportunities to spark the child's interest and have fun learning.

  1. We offer programs to accommodate children 18 months through kindergarten.
  2. We are chartered by the New York State Department of Education.
  3. Licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.
  4. All of our programs incorporate use of our beautiful outdoor playground weather permitting so children can exercise their large muscle groups.
  5. Large gymnasium and indoor equipment offers plenty of space for children to shake their sillies out.
  6. Movement and music instructors, each who come once a week, to get those bodies moving, learn new songs and sing some of the oldies, but goodies.

Toddler Program
Accommodates children 18 months through children turning 3 years of age after December 1st.

Often, for children registered in this program, it is their first experience in a classroom setting. It is not unusual for a child to take some time to adjust. Sometimes it can be more difficult for the parents than it is for the children. Rest assured, whether it be a hug, a rub on the back at naptime or the need to be held for a little bit, our staff is very nurturing and understanding and will make every effort to make your child feel comfortable and safe.

  1. Children will begin to learn social skills such as sharing, using words for their needs, and playing with children as opposed to parallel playing (playing alone, but side by side with other children).
  2. Children follow daily routines because at this age they find comfort in knowing what to expect next.
  3. Exposure to colors and shapes, textures and size differences is also part of the curriculum.
  4. Music, story time, and free play are all part of the daily schedule.

Preschool Program
Accommodates children turning 3 years of age before December 1st through
children turning 4 years of age after December 1st.

Our preschool program is a structured curriculum where children are exposed to letters, phonics, and numbers through hands-on, developmentally appropriate practices.

  1. Colors and shapes are reinforced daily through a variety of arts and crafts mediums, all of which also aid in strengthening fine motor skills.
  2. Puzzles assist in children's problem solving techniques as does using the imagination in the dramatic play area.
  3. Block building and sorting set the foundation of pre-math skills.
  4. Children start to learn the concepts of opposites, rhyming, likeness and difference and visit the local library to instill a love of reading.
  5. Social skills and classroom etiquette such as taking turns, raising a hand when asking a question, having patience while waiting on line are also reinforced.

Pre-Kindergarten Program
Accommodates children turning 4 years of age before December 1st through
children turning 5 years of age after December 1st.

This is a structured program with a little more of an more emphasis on cognitive learning. Many activities are based on the concept of children learning through experience, not just worksheets.

  1. Pre-reading skills such as letter recognition, both upper and lower case and out of sequence, and phonics.
  2. Pre-math skills such as number recognition, sequencing and patterns plus early addition and subtraction exercises are incorporated.
  3. More writing and scissor use to improve fine motor skills.
  4. Expanding their self-help skills such as hanging up backpacks and coats, taking out lunch boxes and folders, and getting the supplies they need in the classroom for an activity.
  5. Weekly jobs are given out to the children to give children a sense of pride for their classroom.

Kindergarten and Enrichment Program

Our kindergarten program is an accredited program by the NYS Department of Education, and recognized by local school districts and parents, as one of excellence. With a low student to teacher ratio, we are able to devote ourselves to the individual child's needs. Our curriculum includes math and reading readiness skills, language arts, creative writing, social studies, science, music and art.

Our enrichment programs are not just after-school programs. For those children that attend a morning pre-k and/or kindergarten session at one of the local public schools, we will pick them up from their school at dismissal and bring them to Merokee for an afternoon of fun and learning.

  1. We will reinforce cognitive skills.
  2. Children will enjoy outdoor play and arts & crafts, music and story time.
  3. Excellent alternative for parents who need longer hours than the public school is offering.

Computer Program

Our computer program is optional and available for an additional fee to children registered in our pre-school through kindergarten classes. We have a computer school come to our program and give children computer lessons in small groups using educational software. For some children, this is their first time using a computer, for others, they are a whiz. Learning computer terminology, becoming familiar with the keyboard and mouse, and using programs that allow children to really see what computers can do with art, words, pictures, is part of the program.


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